How AI-Based CCTV Solution Work

We told you that by introducing AI-based CCTV solutions to the industrial site, you can intelligently recognize risk factors or situations that cannot be detected by human senses or judgment, inform them of risks in advance, and prevent accidents. Using CCTV solution, you can monitor the workers’ working environment and delivers video information to the analysis server in real time. The analysis server determines received video information using a pre-trained machine-learning model. Determining situations uses a variety of factors, including the object’s shape, color, lighting status, and movement of objects captured in the image.  

The signal processing server uses a pre-trained AI machine learning model to analyze the object shape, color, and movement mentioned above and to determine what kind of events occurred compared to the pre-trained content.  If the local server determines excessive temperature increases, fires, and operator falls that can cause safety accidents, it will be determined in advance and processed according to the pre-defined process. The first priority is to notify the control center and field work manager of events that occur at the work site.

AI Based CCTV Configuration & Flow

Handling safety incident-related events

Notification methods can be used in various ways, such as transmitting signals using sound and lighting, and sending alarm messages using messenger channels such as Telegram.

How AI CCTV Alerts Safety Accidents

The control center will also take required actions such as notifying the site and its workers, ordering evacuation or closing the workplace, depending on the predefined process and the level of risk of the situation. The image below shows the instructions delivered to the mobile devices of the field supervisor and the operator. The transmitted message recognizes and warns you that you have entered the worker’s risk zone (marked in the red box). 

Mobile Message Image

Warning messages delivered by Telegram Messenger contain images to identify the unique number of working site and time of occurrence  to help the supervisors quickly understand the situation. It delivers key situation information by text and image, so it is possible to respond accurately and quickly in the workplace. This can prevent safety accidents or minimize damage.

The image below shows the ability to monitor and analyze whether the worker in working site is wearing protective gear properly. Based on personnel captured on AI CCTV, determine if they are wearing designated helmets, gloves, etc., and notify control centers and workers of violations. 

Operator safety gear wear detection function

AI CCTV provides workplace situations and monitoring results through dashboards. Control Center managers can simultaneously view dashboards for each site and overall status. Dashboard data allows them to easily identify violations of workers’ regulations like not wearing protective gear, and it helps you to easily understand summary information such as incident status by time, day, and workplace. This accumulation and analysis of data can help you predict the main causes, patterns, and cycles of safety incidents and use them to prevent accidents.

AI CCTV Dashboard Image

AI CCTV Solution Hardware Requirements

Hardware specifications required for the Mobilio AI CCTV solution are as follows:

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